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Session Fees & Times

What are the opening times?

We are open 38 weeks of the year, five days a week.

Monday to Friday:   9.00am to 4.00pm


Our core learning session times are:

Mornings:  9.00am to 12noon                  Afternoons:  1.00pm to 4.00pm

Free Entitlement Funding (15 hours), Extended Funded (30 hours) and 2 Year Old Funding can be offset against any of these sessions.


To provide flexibility to our parents, we offer the following service:

Lunch Club:

Our lunch club is available for children from the age of 3+, five days per week.  Booking is required as spaces are limited. Parents are required to provide a healthy packed lunch.  Children can stay after their morning session, arrive before their afternoon session or use the lunch club to join their morning and afternoon sessions to allow them to attend the preschool all day.  Our lunch club fee is £4.75 per day and fees apply to all children.  Funding cannot be offset against these charges.

How many sessions can my child attend?

You can choose from a minimum of four sessions for funded children and two sessions for 2 year olds.

Typically, children aged two to three will be offered either three mornings (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), or two afternoon sessions (Tuesday & Thursday), subject to availability.

In the year before your child starts school (preschool year), your child will be offered five sessions, either three afternoons and two mornings or two afternoons and three mornings.

Depending on admission numbers, it may be possible to offer extra sessions or flexibility across the sessions.  Please speak with the administrator about your requirements.

 What about fees?

Our fees, which are reviewed annually, are with effect 1st September 2020,  £4.75 per hour (£14.25 per session) for 3&4 year olds and £4.95 per hour (£14.85 per session) for 2 year olds.  Fees are payable half-termly in advance .  Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer, however, cheque may be possible, subject to prior agreement with the Finance Dept.

For more information please see our Charging Policy.  A link can be found on the Welcome Page or a copy can be seen in our entrance foyer Policy folder.

 What about funding?

If your child is funded, the preschool will claim funding on your behalf each term.  You will be required to complete a funding contract and you will need to bring in some identification documents.

You will be entitled to receive funding known as ‘Free Entitlement’ from the first term after your child has turned three.  This means your child will attend the Preschool free of charge at that time.

Extended Funding (30 hours) is available from the first term after your child has turned three subject to eligibility.   To check if you are eligible, please click here

Parents can check to see if they are eligible for Free Early Learning Funding for their two year old on the local authority website, by using the OEC (Online Eligibility Checker).

We can also provide you with information on how to claim tax credits.

What about Childcare Vouchers?

Yes we accept childcare vouchers from the Government’s new tax-free voucher scheme and all major childcare voucher providers.

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