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19/06/2020 / pavilionnews

Outdoor learning

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are all aware our provision is currently outdoor only. This is to enable a safer environment for the children to play and learn. All guidance suggests that the virus does not spread as easily when outside. In addition, if we were to use inside the number of children allowed to attend will be reduced meaning some spaces would be cancelled. This is not something I want to do as I know many of you need to be back at work and the consistency for good quality childcare is of our utmost importance.

I understand that Group B have been unfortunate with the weather but have seen some amazing sensory learning opportunities as they explore the rain. Please be aware that while we do have some wet suits available our numbers seem to be dwindling as they are not being returned. I strongly advice that all parents supply a wetsuit and well fitted wellies (we do have old ones on site but these cannot be shared so if your child does not have their own you must bring them in with you before the session).

Group A have been much luckier but please remember that while the weather is hot we do need your children to wear suncream and bring a hat.

Next week, the early part of the week is due to be warm but wet, whereas from Wednesday it looks set to be very hot. We have plenty of shelters for both hot and wet weathers and we have been making good use of them.

All staff are working their hardest to ensure your children are safe and well cared for. It is a difficult time for everyone and we appreciate your support at this time.

Best wishes


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