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31/03/2020 / pavilionnews

Tapestry engagement

I wanted to say WOW and thank you to the parents who are actively engaging with Tapestry during our closure. The team are working together to look through all of the amazing things you are doing with your children and we too have been providing some videos for you.

From me you have had three videos including singing and two story times. Mrs Sanderson has taken you on an active trip to school (Monday) and Mrs Young filmed a lovely puppet show, acting out the story ‘a squash and a squeeze’ (today). Look out for Miss Malin tomorrow and Miss King on Thursday.

We realise how hard it is for everyone at the moment and feel it is important to keep in touch, we have had wonderful feedback to say how valued the staff video’s are and the staff love to receive pictures and videos in return too.

Some stats for you: out of 49 relatives currently active on Tapestry 29 of you have posted your own observation – this is great, the staff use these to continue following your children’s interests and tracking them so in the event we return to work soon we know where to carry on. Another 24 relatives are commenting on the staff videos and photos, we appreciate this and love to gain feedback so we know what to follow up with next.

If you haven’t been keeping in touch via Tapestry, I urge you to do so. Its a great way to support each other and to see what everybody is doing and like I have said already, we can keep up to date with your child’s interests too.

Stay safe everyone and keep smiling!

Best wishes



25/03/2020 / pavilionnews

Home learning

Wow, thank you so much to the parents who are taking the time to upload photo’s and videos onto Tapestry. Over the past three days I have looked at 21 observations and linked them to areas of learning.

Just because we are unable to care for and teach your children at this time, it does not mean we have stopped and will continue to support you at home. Take a look at Tapestry through your web browser to see activities under the documents tab. I shall be adding a challenge to the observations stream for you children too.

I have seen some beautiful rainbows being made too – some of you may be aware of the Facebook group called rainbow trail, a signal of hope and staying safe at home for all of us. I now have my window covered in rainbows too, look out for them, how many can you see while on your daily exercise?

Keep in touch everyone, stay home and stay safe!

Best wishes


22/03/2020 / pavilionnews

Home learning on Tapestry

Dear Parents and Carers,

I have been busy creating documents for you to access via Tapestry this morning in the hope this may help some of you continue some of the learning we would usually provide for your children.

To use any activities you will need to log on via the web page and not the app. Go into documents where you will find the first folder for this week. Any documents I upload will be accessible to you for download so you can print them.

Let me know if there is anything specific you would like from us and in the meantime I will do my best to add activities which would have been available while the children were at preschool.

Any activities you do at home can be added to Tapestry, it will help staff to see the amazing things you are doing with your children and in the event that we re-open in this school year (we can hope!) the staff will have an idea of your children’s interests and stages of continued learning.

Even though the Pavilion is closed, you can still reach me through the usual email address. I will do my best to stay in touch with you all.

Also; Happy Mothers Day to all of our lovely Mummies out there!

Best wishes and stay safe everyone!


20/03/2020 / pavilionnews

Further update

Thank you for all your support over these challenging few days.

You will have received a letter regarding those children that need to have childcare due to parents being a keyworker. Please may I reiterate that

“ If at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be. Parents should do anything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principals as adults.”

Due to staffing restrictions, we will be closing both Stirling Campus and The Pavilion.

Park Campus will be open from 8.45 until 3.15pm.Pavilion staff will also be based here, however, please note there is no guarantee your child’s key person will be present if your child is attending.

These are unprecedented times and a need for the whole school community, to come together to support each other.

I will aim to add some home learning ideas onto Tapestry and look forward to your own observations showing some activities you enjoy at home too.


20/03/2020 / pavilionnews

Learning at home

Please find attached guidance from Picture News for children in early years learning at home during our closure

EYFS Picture News at Home – Guidance for parents

20/03/2020 / pavilionnews

Keyworker update

Dear Parents & Carers

Following on from our blog earlier, please see the attached letter giving more information on Keyworkers

Please ensure all forms are emailed back to by no later than 2.30pm today

Kindest Regards

The Pavilion and AVP School Office

Key Worker Detail


20/03/2020 / pavilionnews

Pavilion closure

Dear Parents / Carers,

Please be advised as of 4pm today (Friday 20th March) the Pavilion will be closed to all children.

However, we are aware children with parents who are keyworkers may still need care. Please see the letter attached and if you require childcare for the hours you are working then fill in the form with your work ID and send it to


NPAT Keyworker and vulnerable child info form v2

19/03/2020 / pavilionnews

School closure

Please find attached NPAT’s response to the latest Government guidance.

Closure 18 March 2020

18/03/2020 / pavilionnews

Covid-19 NPAT update

Dear parents and carers,

Please find attached a letter from NPAT regarding  Covid-19 information.

I will issue any new information as soon as I have it.


Letter to Parents 18 March 2020

17/03/2020 / pavilionnews


Dear Parents and Carers,

We are updating some procedures within the setting to ensure the safest routines for your children.

As of tomorrow (Wednesday 18th March) and until further notice

  • children must be dropped off and collected at the door (fire exit) and parents are not to come into the setting please.
  • Any children having a packed lunch must have their own cutlery (spoons / forks)
  • All children must have a water bottle, at this time we will not be providing shared cups.

Any children who have a new cough or high temperature are not to be brought into preschool. If such symptoms occur during their session you will be asked to collect immediately.

Thank you for your ongoing support at this time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.